Hagtex - The link in your chain.

Hagtex - The link in your chain.
Currently, units in the garment industry tend to shift to FOB orders to take the initiative in their business and production plans. To meet the fabric needs of garment companies, Hanoi Dyeing Joint Stock Company - HAGTEX provides fabrics for FOB orders and is an address of many customers who choose to develop new orders together.

Vietnam's textile and garment industry, in fact, had been still processed before covid19, while foreign-invested enterprises (DN) accounted for an overwhelming proportion of export.
Specifically, the textile and garment industry is currently developing imbalance, the weakest is spinning, weaving and dyeing. The demand for fibers for the textile industry is huge, but 90% is imported, mainly from China, Korea and Taiwan. The source of exported fabric is also mainly imported, accounting for 80%, of which China accounts for 50% of the total value. This created a "congestion" situation at the stage of textile dyeing, making the value-added ratio of export garments only low.
Meanwhile, FDI enterprises dominate, accounting for 62% of the export proportion of the industry.
In recent years, the textile and garment industry has been aware of the trend of sustainable development, it is essential to escape from pure processing - CMT to FOB (buy raw materials, semi-finished products), ODM (self-design sales). ) or OBM (own brand). Thereby, a number of enterprises in Vietnam Textile and Garment Group have achieved good revenue and profit. However, this figure is very modest, only companies with large capital and scale, and over 80% of small and medium enterprises are still outsourcing.
Causes of inadequacies such as raw material sources mostly depend on foreign countries, the main mode of processing for export is (65%), FOB 25%, ODM and OBM are only 10%.
Another core drawback is that the textile and garment industry could not one-way escape soon as a financial issue. Making FOB products highly profitable and sustainable, but the problem is capital. It takes a huge amount of capital to buy raw materials and pay in advance for workers, rent space ...
In the current trend of deep integration, Vietnam's textile and garment industry is facing fierce competition with rivals doing exports such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, India ... Because these countries are receiving support from the government. They reduce import tax on enterprises, reduce import tax, exempt raw material and energy tax for export garment and textile.
Before Covid19 appeared, the businesses mainly processed garments for partners. The main materials, which must be imported, only the remaining accessories that garment processing companies in Vietnam have the right to choose and buy in the domestic market.
After Covid19, the reliance on imported materials made textile enterprises passive. Along with the signed EVFTA agreement. The trend from pure outsourcing to partial autonomy of raw materials or form of FOB for garment companies in Vietnam is developing. This is considered an opportunity and a challenge for the textile industry in the country to escape from net outsourcing. Garment enterprises need to work closely with customers as well as domestic raw material enterprises and chain linkers to take advantage of opportunities as well as overcome difficulties and challenges that market fluctuations may occur.
For many years, HAGTEX has made breakthroughs, the fabric of Hagtex has achieved ISO 20743 and AATCC100 certificates certified by EKOTEX-100 and BLUESIGN. Hagtex is confident with its strengths:
- High professional and technical knowledge
- Dynamic, creative and professional
- Unity, loyalty, responsibility.
- Increasing the value and benefits of partners and customers.
Therefore, Hanoi Dyeing Joint Stock Company - HAGTEX is proud to be a link in the textile material supply chain and an address of many companies choosing to develop new orders together.
Please submit your requirements and HAGTEX will have a technical team, design consultants for you to offer the products you want, meeting the criteria of price and quality.

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